The machine mode consists of two aircraft, a flight combat machine and a running combat machine equipped with a bullet core and a cockpit module. Diaclone Reboot - DA-06 Dia-Battles V2 Cosmo Maneuver Type $ 249 99. The Diaclone Optimus has 4x grey missiles, 1 grey Car , and a Huge Weird looking Prime gun , 2x Oversized fists, Nozel and gas part (connects to car) are is more detailed. Diaclone Reboot - DA-26 … Diaclone Reboot DA-65 Battle Convoy V-MAX Exclusive $ 299 99. I'd also like to thank Ultraconvoy for Diaclone Truck stickersheet images, Alessandro Musconi for unused Japanese Battle Convoy images, Ras for VSX images, HighPrime for Grey Roller Prime image, Jon Krause for AFA Optimus Prime image, Giacomo Cellesi for Chapter 10 scans, Yahoo Japan seller ciuyi77 and TFsource for 01 Convoy images and for the prototype Battle Convoy scan. Add to Cart. Battle Convoy V-MAX The flight machine and the running machine are combined into a cab-type vehicle, which is transformed into a human-type decisive battle machine. Takara Tomy brings us their luxury Diaclone DA-65 Battle Convoy V-MAX transformable action figure! The Takara version of Diaclone Battle Convoy is very cool but its a real shame its not around in toy stores anymore because its very pricy, very rare and very hard-to-find now. Preorder. If I was one day winning the lottery or winning £30,000 or £50,000 on the ITV gameshow "The Cube", I'd buy 2 vintage 1983 Diaclone Battle Convoy sets for my own glass display of Transformers soon. Preorder. The Battle Convoy V-Max is a multi-system type combat machine that controls battle bases. The total height in the human-type decisive battle mode is about 18 cm, and it is an item of the same class as … Diaclone Reboot - DA-11 Dia-Battles V2 - Alpha Plus Version. *** Related Items. Preorder. ***Photos for reference only, exact product appearance is subject to manufacturer final confirmation. Diaclone Diatrain Diaclone Fortress X Gats Blocker Figurine MOC Diaclone Battle Convoy (Optimus Prime) Diaclone Police Car Fairlady Z (Prowl) Diaclone Countach LP500S "Red" (Red Sunstreaker) Diaclone Countach LP500S "Police" (Police Sunstreaker) Diaclone Lancia Stratos "Malboro" (Malboro Wheeljack) Diaclone Onebox Cherry Vanette (Black Ironhide) Reward Points. Takaratomy Mall DIACLONE DA-65 BATTLE CONVOY V-MAX. Available in End of Feb 2021. $199.99 $ 189 99 (5 %) Add to Cart. Takara's Diaclone figure and powered suit series continues with the Battle Convoy V-Max! Additional information. Takara Diaclone Reboot - E-Hobby Limited DA-001 Powered Suit Set (0) Your Price: $94.99 The launchers that fire the missiles are also different. 310 points will be rewarded to you when you buy this item. Available in End of Feb 2021. The Battle Convoy has the large Diaclone sticker on the side of the trailor. Takara Diaclone DA-65 Battle Convoy V-Max. The latest from the Battle Convoy series features great articulation in addition to the base/containers and plethora of weapons and accessories. * Pictures may vary from actual product.