Marcela Posada as Sandra Patiño; secretary, member of the cartel. Betty's friends try convincing her to stay, truly believing that Armando has changed, but she refuses to stay and give him a chance. Actors such as like Veerle Baetens, Sandrine André, Kürt Rogiers, Gert Winckelmans and Bieke Ilegems appeared on the show. This adaptation is one of the most faithful remakes of the Colombian original so far, with episodes being recreated practically scene for scene, with only minor adjustments to account for cultural differences. Lilian doesn't have Maria's natural intelligence or fine education, but she has a beautiful appearance, which makes her a better superficial fit at the fashion house. Some scenes from the first episode were filmed in Buenos Aires and some scenes for the opening sequence were filmed in Miami, Florida. Because of this, Betty realizes that Armando is truly a changed man, and she stops him from leaving. The hour-long program was developed by Silvio Horta and co-produced by Salma Hayek and Ben Silverman. This puts the company back in danger because it is not yet stable. The Spanish adaptation screens weekdays at 6:00 pm and pulls in an average of more than four million viewers (more than +35% share of the audience). This adaptation was originally supposed to start airing on 1 November 2006, but within two weeks of that date the show was removed from Mega Channel's schedule. The show was also broadcast in virtually all of Latin America plus Spain, achieving record ratings in every single country, including those where Colombian soaps do not usually achieve high ratings, such as Brazil and Mexico. (Be Not Born Beautiful, from the Russian phrase, "be not born beautiful, but be born happy", "Ne Rodis' Krasivoy, Rodis' Shchastlivoy"). She is also the older sister of actress Verónica Orozco (b. But Armando never recovers his leadership role over Eco Moda. The third is the stabilization of Eco Moda under Betty's presidency ending with the marriage of Betty and Armando with the birth of their baby. She becomes the secretary of Álvaro Aguilar (Alejandro Tous), the company boss. The third season began on 11 February 2011 without the show's leading man, Tornike Gogrichiani, who played Tamuna's boss, Nika Kekelidze. Despite criticisms, the debut episode was watched by 73 million viewers. Foto: Instagram @stefigomez11. Ruth Núñez, known to Spanish viewers for her portrayal of a Yugoslav student in teen soap, Compañeros, plays the heroine. In order to please Marcela, Armando decides to hire as his new secretaries both Betty, the ugly but brilliant economist, and the very attractive but air-headed Patricia. Yo soy Betty, la fea (TV Series 1999–2001) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Armando is fired and his father comes out of retirement to take over the presidential duties. ABC would acquire the series under the title Ugly Betty, and initially slated the program for broadcasting in summer of 2006 as a daily series, but its success led to ABC slating it as a weekly series. The focus shifted onto a male lead character named Bruno Plenske (Lisa's half-brother, played by Tim Sander). María Eugenía Arboleda as Mariana Valdéz; secretary, cartel member. On 13 February 2008, the nominees of the Flemish TV-stars were announced. She works as a secretary for Danai (Wasin "Ko" Atsawanaruenat), who is a young playboy and the son of CEO of POSH Inc., a high-end cosmetics company and Ngamkhae (Nicole Theriault). She sends her résumé to Eco Moda without a photograph, thus securing an interview. Betty, la Fea re-aired on Spanish-language U.S. network TeleFutura in January 2009. However, Betty reveals that Terra Moda was only set up to prevent Eco Moda from going bankrupt and that she is handing back full ownership to the stockholders. [4], Sorpresivo amor de novela: "Betty la fea" consiguió un novio argentino, ANA MARIA OROZCO SERA UNA VISITA DISTINGUIDA,ía_Orozco&oldid=990389799, Articles with Spanish-language sources (es), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, International Female Personality of the Year, This page was last edited on 24 November 2020, at 05:51. The series stars Ngọc Hiệp as Huyền Diệu and Chi Bảo as An Đông, the new president of SB Brands Trading J.S.C.. A number of real-life models co-starred in prominent roles, such as Nguyễn Bình Minh (who plays Tiến Mạnh), who competed in the 2002/03 Manhunt International competition and finished in the top ten; Phi Thanh Vân (as Phương Trinh), who worked as a top model and has freely admitted that she owes her beauty to the wonders of plastic surgery; Lý Anh Tuấn (Đăng Dương); and Trịnh Kim Chi (Huyền Thư). Elías Rima Nassaf as Rosales; lawyer, Antonio's colleague. Cabe aclarar que Catalina Ángel fue sin duda el mayor ángel de la guarda que tuvo Betty la fea en la telenovela, Celmira Luzardo era el nombre de la actriz que le dio vida a este adorable personaje. The American production was broadcast on ABC in the United States from 28 September 2006 to 14 April 2010. In fact, she decides to leave earlier than planned in order to forget Armando forever, and by making the club of ugly women photocopy, then hand out a letter to every member of the Board Of Directors, about her resignation from Eco Moda. Celmira Luzardo as Catalina Ángel, Betty's "fairy godmother". The business plan sets up a legal company named Terra Moda, legally owned by Betty. In 2001, Yo soy Betty, la fea won the New York Latin ACE Award for the Best Scenic Program (Mejor programa escénico) and International Female Personality of the Year (Figura internacional femenina del año) to Ana María Orozco, and, also in 2002, the TP de Oro for Best Soap Opera (Mejor telenovela), and the INTE Award for Best Soap Opera and Actress of the Year (Actriz del año) to Ana María Orozco.