Stage Fatality: D, U, BLK (CLOSE) Brutalities Head Strong: X-Ray Friendship: Throw Must press 1 or 2 4 times during final hit. Toutes les astuces pour Mortal Kombat X qui vont vous permettre de récupérer tous les Succès/Trophées et de maîtriser l'ensemble des Fatalités et Brutalités du jeu. This is exactly the same as Sub-Zero's Frozen Dinner brutality. Dernière édition par Vodkaaaaaaaa le Mar 1 Mar 2016 12:27, édité 4 fois. Must be JUMP distance away from opponent. Official Sektor of MKX Boards - Burn Organics Burn! CYBER SUB-ZERO Secret Brutality 2: Air Power Kick: D, 3+BLK or D, 4+BLK (AIR) CYBER SUB-ZERO Secret Brutality 3: Frozen Uppercut: D+2 Must freeze the opponent with an ICE BALL (B, F+1) or ICE BEAM (B, F, 1+BLK). Mortal Kombat XL : Comment jouer avec Cyber Sub-zero Rédigé par Yugo05 - le 01/03/2016 Mortal Kombat XL , l'extension de Mortal Kombat X est disponible dès aujourd'hui et parmi les personnages de cette extension, il y a Triborg qui réunit en un seul et unique personnage Cyrax, Sektor et Cyber-smoke grâce au système des variations. Sub-Zero : / Takeda : Tanya : / Tremor : Triborg : R2 / RT Elles s'effectuent au cac, et 3 stages en comportent: _ The Kove _ The Pit _ Refugee Camp Merci à Ka_Bal et Daloul pour...ben tout le taf en fait Enjoy. Cyber Sub-Zero - end the match with an uppercut while your opponent's frozen. Incoming: B, F+1 Only in SEKTOR variation. Cyber Sub will freeze the opponent and they will be encased in a wall of ice. The next game in the series has just been revealed. Here is everything you need to know about how to get Cyber Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat XL. His moves will differ from human Sub-Zero. Doing this will give you Cyber Sub-Zero (LK-520). However, Cyber Sub-Zero Triborg without a variation selected. How to Unlock Cyber Sub-Zero: Cyber Sub-Zero is unlocked for all modes once you have completed Chapter 13: Kabal in the Story Mode. Hold B for Cyrax assist, F for Sektor assist, D for Smoke assist or U for Cyber Sub-Zero assist. In order to play as this version of the character (or play as any character without a specific variation) select Triborg, then when it’s time to select your desired variation press Up, Up, Y (Xbox) or Triangle (PS4). Cyber Sub-Zero will uppercut the opponent's head off. CYBER SUB-ZERO Secret Brutality 1: Wall Of Ice: B, F, 1+BLK Must have at least 1 DRONE (D, D+3) active. Cyber Sub-Zero Fatalities Cyber Sub-Zero - end the match with ex freeze and at least one drone out.