La série God of War est remplie de personnages issus des m mythologie grecque. Type of Villain Hermes | Presiding over the power of the sun. Alias/es Helios again confronted Perses on the slopes of Olympia, holding an advantage over the Titan because of the blinding light he emitted. Il faut aussi préciser que les dieux sont capables de réduire leur taille jusqu'à celle d'un humain. Still later, the horses were given fiery names: Pyrois, Aeos, Aethon, and Phlegon. When Kratos uses Helios' Head, the faint screams of the God can still be heard coming from the decapitated head. The Titan then crushed Helios' chariot before throwing him far into the city of Olympia and Kratos began hunting him. The Dissenter | Deimos | Pollux & Castor | Odin | Helios era imaginado como un hermoso dios coronado con la brillante aureola del sol, cada día traía la luz al mundo en su carro tirado por cuatro caballos, atarevsando el cielo de este a oeste. Sea Snake | Helios briefly appears in person at the end, during the council of the Gods on Olympus, along with Hermes, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. Helios with all the other Gods on Mt. Voiced by Species/Race Kratos' Ghost | Goals Ceryx, God Of War II Helios told Kratos that he would have to bathe in the Flames of Olympus in order to obtain its power. The two were later come upon by Kratos, still in battle. Euryale | Hephaestus | After the end of the war, Helios became the god of the sun. They must. Dark Rider/Dark Griffin | Failing to convince Kratos, and with a final gaze at the Spartan, Helios sternly told Kratos his death would not lead him to Zeus, only for Kratos to reply that is where he was wrong. Family Member/s Helios, praised his actions and grateful for Kratos' rescuing him, showed pity for his sacrifices, suggesting helping him further, only for Athena to disagree, claiming that "He'll live. Elephantaur | He is one of the first witnesses of the rescued Titans ascending Mount Olympus, led by Gaia and Kratos, who wanted revenge on Zeus for betraying him. Helios attempted to beg for his life and reminded the Ghost of the Sparta of the debt he owed him, promising to pay him back if Kratos spared his life. Persian King | He was a son of the Titan Hyperion and Theia, brother of the Goddesses Selene, the Moon, and Eos, the Dawn and the father of Circe, goddess of magic. In the final battle against Zeus, the Sun God's head, while undamaged, has its light dimmed when Zeus destroyed Kratos' equipment except for the Boots of Hermes, the Blades of Exile and the Blade of Olympus. Deceased Thanatos, God Of War: Betrayal The sun god seemed to relent and told him to defeat Zeus he needed to walk into the Flame of Olympus, but Kratos angrily told him Hephaestus had already told him about the flame and that it would destroy any god or mortal who so much as touched the flame. Location Freya, Creatures in God of War Stheno, God Of War: Chains Of Olympus Mount Olympus Typhon | Name: helios Origin: FANDOM. Helios is a supporting character in the God of War series. Máttugr Helson, Others In the God of War II ending cutscene, where Zeus gathers his fellow Gods to face Kratos' threats, Helios's appearance is slightly different. In Greek mythology, the Sun was personified as Helios. He proceeded to deliver a blow to the sun god's neck and then used all of his strength to rip off Helios' head. However, after being consumed by the evils of the Pandora's box, Helios became arrogant and manipulative, as when he tried to manipulate Kratos into touching the Flames of Olympus, and called Hephaestus a "freak" who was cast aside. Wraiths | Helios tried to defend himself stating that Hephaestus was lying, as the "freak" had fallen from the graces of Olympus; Kratos retorted that it was why he believed the smith god. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Helios, along with the other Gods, were asked by Zeus to assist him in destroying Kratos. Helios – bóstwo, należące do drugiego pokolenia tytanów związanym z kultem Słońca. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The second was found in the Garden of the Gods, as Kratos traveled through the Palace of the Fates. Geryon | Stone Talos | Helios uses to Power of the Sun to both blind and injure Kratos. Helios suggested helping him more but Athena disagreed, stating "He'll live. Revenant | Defend Mt. Kratos est le principal protagoniste de la série. Perses then crushed Helios with his Chariot, and threw him far into the city. He was the son of Hyperion and Theia, and as a brother of Selene and Eos. Ouranos (grandfather) †Gaia (grandmother) †Pontus (Uncle) †Cronos (Uncle)†Oceanus (Uncle)†Gyges (Uncle)†Aegaeon (Uncle)†Cottus (Uncle)Hyperion (Father) †Theia (Mother)Selene (Sister)Eos (Sister)†Astraeus (brother-in-law)Boreas (Nephew) †Hades (Cousin)†Hestia (Cousin)Poseidon (Cousin) †Demeter (Cousin)Hera (Cousin) †Zeus (Cousin) † Helios Cereyon | Hippocampi | The names of these three were also the common Greek words for Sun, Dawn and Moon. Crispin Freeman (God of War III)Dwight Schultz (Chains of Olympus) Although endowed with powers similar to Helios' own, his champion was killed in battle by Kratos. The Furies (Megaera, Tisiphone/Daimon & Alecto) | Skorpius | Według wierzeń starożytnych Greków przemierzał dzienne niebo na złotym rydwanie, zaprzężonym w cztery białe konie – Ajtona, Eoosa, Flegona i Pyroeisa. Just as Kratos was about to confront Helios, a troop of undead warriors with onyx shields quickly leapt to Helios' aid, forming a circular phalanx. However, in the middle of the meeting, the Titans and Kratos began their attack on the mountain and Helios leapt to Olympus' defense along with the rest of the gods. Olympus (God of War 3). Persephone, God Of War Helios took part in the Great War along with the rest of the Olympians, fighting alongside Hermes. Morpheus | Icarus | God of the Sun Helios was imagined as a … Defend Mt. N/A Helios jumped onto his Sun Chariot and began attacking Gaia, throwing a fireball, combusting a fallen tree to prevent Kratos from escaping the undead soldiers that swarmed the Titaness' shoulder.