"I'm not wearing a tie at all" Mr. Hutz in, Mr. Hutz scolds at Marge for the damages of the, Mr. Hutz again in "Four Regrettings and a Funeral", yet his hair and suit colors have changed. As well, he's been shown to take part-time work as a cobbler, fixing up shoes in his clients' presence and even in court ("Uh, Judge, these won't be ready until Thursday...). The character of Lionel Hutz, along with other Phil Hartman characters, was retired after the actor's death. His legal practice, located in a shopping mall, was named "I Can't Believe It's A Law Firm!". First appearance Relatives The character was retired after Hartman's murder in 1998, as well as his other main character Troy McClure. "Bart Gets Hit by a Car" Lionel Hutz still appears infrequently in clip shows and flashbacks, as well as crowd scenes, but only in non-speaking roles (with his last reported appearance being in Season 27 episode "The Burns Cage"). He was always desperate for cases, few of which he won. Ex-wife: Selma Bouvier Simpsons-Wiki ist eine FANDOM-TV-Community. While the Blue-haired Lawyer tried to show that Homer's eating was far beyond what could reasonably be expected out of an all-you-can-eat offer, Hutz won by putting Marge on the stand and having her reveal the desperate actions she and Homer took after they were kicked out of the restaurant. Status Er ist immer verzweifelt auf der Suche nach Fällen, von denen er nur selten einen gewinnt. Despite the fact that the contract between Homer and the Devil clearly awarded Homer's soul to the Devil upon Homer's consumption of the 'forbidden doughnut', the jury found a note from Homer to Marge saying that he pledged his soul to her for all eternity thus his soul was not to rightfully give up to the Devil causing them rule in favor of Homer. Lionel Hutz è stato uno dei personaggi secondari della serie animata I Simpson. Hutz made his final speaking appearance in Season 9 episode "Realty Bites". Les Simpson ont fait appel à lui plusieurs fois, sans succès. He often tried to entice potential clients with free gifts, including a "smoking monkey" doll and a business card that "turns into a sponge when you put it in water." $99,500 of which was taken by Hutz who'd assembled a team of phony lawyers to make it seem to Bart that it was necessary. Manche der angegebenen Links hier sind Affiliate-Links. Lionel Hutz, auch bekannt als Miguel Sanchez oder Dr. Nguyen Van Phuoc, arbeitet als Rechtsanwalt in Springfield, allerdings als ein eher inkompetenter. Lionel Hutz, also known as Miguel Sanchez, and also known as Dr. Nguyen Van Phuoc, is a lawyer in Springfield, albeit an incompetent one. Hutz war finanziell insolvent, sehr arm und tat fast alles für Geld. Phil Hartman † (1991-1997). Captain McCallister then struck a deal with Homer, offering him all he could eat in exchange for using him as a sort of freak show attraction to get more customers. Zijn stem werd gedaan door Phil Hartman. Lionel Hutz est un avocat incompétent qui exerce aussi d'autres professions (il garde Bart et Lisa sous le nom de Miguel Sanchez dans l'épisode Marge en cavale). Hutz and McClure still sometimes appear in Simpsons Comics, as a voice actor is not needed. Euch entstehen dadurch keine zusätzlichen Kosten. *Achtung: Manche der oben angegebenen Links sind Affiliate-Links. Hutz war finanziell insolvent, sehr arm und tat fast alles für Geld. Although Hutz lost almost all of his cases, he did win several cases for the Simpsons, for instance representing Homer in his case against Captain McCallister and The Frying Dutchman restaurant over its "All You Can Eat" offer. He may also be a drug dealer, as when Milhouse lands the role of Fallout Boy, Hutz barged up to him and one of the services offered was "drug deal- errrrrr.... keeper awayer". ", Gil Gunderson (Shelley Levene from 'Glengarry Glen Ross'; as played by Jack Lemmon), and at one point, Marge. Nach dem Tod des US-amerikanischen Synchronprechers Phil Hartman der ihm seine englische Stimme lieh, erschien Hutz bisher nie wieder. Su versatilidad y desplante al momento de litigar son uno de sus sellos, sin considerar que su tarjeta de presentación se convierte en esponja. Das heißt, Fandom verdient eine Provision, wenn ihr über einen dieser Links etwas kauft. Das heißt, Fandom verdient eine Provision, wenn ihr über einen dieser Links etwas kauft. Er ist immer verzweifelt auf der Suche nach Fällen, von denen er nur selten einen gewinnt. [2], Another case he won for one of the Simpsons was when Bart discovered that an old tramp named Chester Lampwick was the real creator of The Itchy & Scratchy Show, which was proved by an old drawing by Lampwick. BrownBlack (in rare instances) In retribution for losing the court case, Homer was cursed by the Devil and his head was turned into a giant doughnut. During cross-examination, Marge testified against Hutz out of spite because he hired Dr. Riviera, a quack to give out false prognosis and made Bart commit perjury by lying about being in intensive pain when he was fine. Roger Myers (who had falsely claimed credit for the creation) then had to pay him $800 billion, which forced the Itchy & Scratchy Studios to temporarily close down. He was an inept ambulance chaser and, to quote Lisa, a "shyster", whom the Simpsons nonetheless repeatedly hired as their lawyer (a fact remarked on by Marge in a typically self-aware aside) probably because they could not afford a better lawyer anyway. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Also, Hutz referred to bourbon as "brownest of the brown liquors" and offered to share with Marge and Homer "a belt of scotch" at 9:30AM, explaining that he "hadn't slept in days. Zijn laatste gesproken rol was in Realty Bites. Seinen ersten Auftritt hatte Hutz in der zweiten Staffel in der Episode Bart kommt unter die Räder. È l' avvocato a basso costo di Springfield, ciarlatano e quasi sempre disfattista. Lawyer Realtor Estate Executor Shoe Repairer At issue was the rightful owner of Homer Simpson's soul. Hutz was financially insolvent, extremely poor and willing to do nearly anything for money. Lionel Hutz est un personnage fictif de la série Les Simpson. Hutz was a recovering alcoholic; also at one time he hastily left the courtroom after handling a bottle of bourbon in order to consult his A.A. sponsor, musician David Crosby.