Judging by some of Cetrion's intros, it's revealed that both she and Shinnok follow their mother Kronika's plans, and it's Cetrion's role to face Shinnok, as he was the darkness to her light. Kronika (archive sound) (uncredited), Mob Leader Les toutes nouvelles variations de personnalisation de personnage vous permettront de contrôler vos kombattants comme bon vous semble. Grâce au nouveau moteur graphique, vous découvrirez des graphismes impressionnants et criants de réalisme qui vous plongeront au cœur du kombat. Concealable dagger She has no hair, but adorns her scalp with a piece of gold metal. Parts of her body have a blue, ethereal glow. She is the Keeper of Time, Architect of the Destiny of the Universe and mother of Shinnok, the Elder God of Death and Corruption, and Cetrion, the Elder Goddess of Life and Virtue. During the final battle of a Character Tower in the Towers of Time, the standard Arcade or fighting her in the Story Mode, she has her default appearance but wears her Crown. Species performance capture: past Liu Kang & Cyrax. https://twitter.com/Fizorak/status/1253421205882761217?s=20, https://mortalkombat.fandom.com/wiki/Kronika?oldid=356459. She voices many characters in many video games, animated series and anime series. Weapons The effects of her time merging can also erase beings from existence (such as Dark Raiden) but this effort requires a lot of energy to use. Mortal Kombat 11 (Video Game 2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Official Sites Kronika is Shinnok's mother and designed him to be the ultimate evil of the series, regardless of his foul actions. In spite of her power, she is not omnipotent, and her mastery over all time is limited, requiring the immense sources of energy from the outside, such as Earthrealm's Jinsei and the crown hidden away in Shang Tsung's island empowered by the countless souls he had gathered over his lifetime, to enhance her power to its fullest. She is only selectable by entering a code given by playing. - … Kronika has threatened to rewrite the entirety of the fabric of time and create an entire new era to undo the changes brought about by Raiden interfering with previous events. Comments Add a Comment. Mortal Kombat 11 Cast . Mortal Kombat 11 › Kronika. Mortal kombat est de retour et meilleur que jamais dans la prochaine évolution de la franchise emblématique. Using this version of the attack deals more damage, however the current combo performed from this deals less damage. Video Game: Mortal Kombat 11 Franchise: Mortal Kombat. Sonya Blade voiced by Ronda Rousey and 1 other . When a time lord starts merging past with the present, versions of heroes from both Mortal Kombat timelines must unite to right past wrongs and save the world. Kronika VOICE Jennifer Hale. (voice) (archive sound) (uncredited), Kung Lao With the release of, When Kronika calls upon a fighter to fight for her in both the Arcade and Story Mode, she calls upon someone from the roster. Portrayers | While this is a recurring historical and philosophical mistake, this might have been inspired the idea that Kronika is a Titan, much like Cronus is in Greek mythology. Kronika is the first Titan and one of the few, Despite possessing combos, special attacks, a Fatality, and the ability to dash forward or backwards, Kronika lacks the ability to jump, as well lacking an uppercut, any form of a basic Throw attack and a, This is a major difference between Shinnok’s Corrupted form in, Kronika has two appearances in the game when fighting her. For defensive means, she can turn into sand or energy to become intangible and impervious to attacks or create fields that damage her opponent over time. Kronika is the only boss of the new timeline that is can not be juggled. Jade voiced by Mela Lee . Dawn of Time She voiced Kitana and Mileena in Mortal Kombat (2011). She also seems able to command the local wildlife to aid her - as she does with a dinosaur - and even rain destructive fireballs upon foes. Her demonstrated power over time includes stopping the flow of time itself around those save herself or anyone else she includes. Artifacts Her fears were confirmed when she battled against Fire God Liu Kang and fell to the Shaolin Monk-turned-God's might. Directed by Ed Boon, Martin Stoltz. Mortal Kombat 11 (boss) Shao … Kronika es un personaje ficticio de la saga de videojuegos de lucha Mortal Kombat.Su primera aparición fue en Mortal Kombat 11, donde es la villana principal. 1 Storyline 1.1 Mortal Kombat 11 1.1.1 Part 1: Mortal Kombat 11 1.1.2 Part 2: Aftermath The mother of Cetrion and Shinnok, Kronika is the Keeper of Time and a primordial being known as a Titan. According to Raiden, as the Keeper of Time, Kronika is the only one capable of tampering with the forces of time to the point of present and past to collide, and also states that she has restarted the timeline many times in order to find perfection. Kronika admitted to Revenant Liu Kang that she crafted Shang Tsung's destiny on collecting souls to her own means of retaining them whenever she needed them for timecraft. performance capture actor: Past Johnny Cage/Misc. Kronika dans Mortal Kombat 11 – Mouvements. Kronika is a Titaness, a being of higher ranking than that of an Elder God. Kronika is the only character with a Fatality that does not end in slow motion or a frozen frame, as she repeats the entirety of her Fatality after she finishes it and is declared the winner. She can also use her time powers offensively by firing projectiles that wildly rewind, forward and stop others in time and can make these projectiles home in to her target to lessen the chances of dodging them. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Scorpion She is also the creator of the immortal artificial construct Geras, a being with the ability to manipulate time on a much smaller scale than Kronika while also wielding power over the Sands of Time, forging rock and stone weapons while using powerful Knuckle Dusters to pummel his opponents into submission. [1] Desarrollo. Kronika appears in Geras' outro, Kronika's Blessing. Kronika's CrownHourglass Kano voiced by JB Blanc. Bien qu'il soit spéculé que cela peut être dans les futures mises à jour ou DLC. Between Geras and Kronika, only Geras actually uses his ability to manipulate time during gameplay, such as his abilities to revert time after attacks and combos, revert time to resurrect himself from defeat and his ability to effect the match timer. Kronika. Nous mettrons donc à jour ce guide s’il entre finalement dans la liste. Mortal Kombat 11 recibió críticas "generalmente favorables" de los críticos, de acuerdo con el sitio web de reseña y critica Metacritic, que calculó una puntuación promedio de 83/100 para la versión de PlayStation 4 y 89/100 para la de Xbox One. Kronika is the Keeper of Time, Architect of the Destiny of the Universe and mother of Shinnok, the Elder God of Death and Darkness, and Cetrion, the Elder God of Life and Light. She has voiced characters in cartoons, video games, television series and more.In the Mortal Kombat franchise, Hale voiced Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins, Tanya in Mortal Kombat X and Kronika in Mortal Kombat 11. Due to Raiden's new brutal policy in crushing potential evil forces that threaten Earthrealm, with its apex at the beheading of her own son, Shinnok, she sees it as an imbalance between the forces of good and evil and seeks to force equilibrium it by erasi… She can summon multiple individuals from across the entire history of time itself and bring them to the present era, even condense two entirely different points in space and time together, allowing doppelganger of the same person to exist and occupy the same space at the same time. Kronika's Hourglass is an arena that debuted in Mortal Kombat 11.It serves as the very location of the ancient Hourglass that belongs to Kronika.It is also the first of three arenas that you fight Kronika in her tower boss fight as well as being in the near end of the Mortal Kombat 11's story mode.. All realms are tied to the Hourglass so if the Hourglass is destroyed, all realms will disappear.