In Battle 5, You need to have fully fused Gold or Diamond characters on your team who are capable of defeating Boss Dark Raiden. Each card when newly obtained starts at XP level 1. Challenge battles can be done alongside Battle Mode without resetting progress. If you are new to this wiki, please look here: [1]. These unlocks can only be obtained through cross-platform unlocking. Kombatants! Put Caro’s Guidance on a character and start a quest using it. The Equipment Cards can be repaired using Blood Rubies to buy repair cards for the rarity of the Equipment Card. Those pieces give the characters boosts only available within this tower, and will make the battles a lot easier as this equipment is being fused. The characters involved in boss battles are all Lin Kuei warriors, such as all variations of Sub-Zero and Triborg. Players would also be unable to switch teams in Relic Hunt once a team is chosen. Bonus: Various ToH gear, Uncommon Equipment and even Rare/Epic drops occasionally. Solo-wise, as he starts to get worn down from damage, he gains boosted damage and power generation as he loses health. The most effective strategy is the following: This will pass in history as the most difficult battle in MK Mobile ever. In Battle 2, players must create a full Netherrealm team, capable of defeating Boss Jade/Assassin, who has 115K health. Unlike Challenge Mode, the boss character will not be that of the Trial's unique character. They can be healed even if they are knocked out. Tanya/Treacherous is the heroine of the Lin Kuei Tower. However, Rare equipment and character reward chances are very low. Below is the spreadsheet with a table containing detailed data of every quest found in the Netherrealm. Each column in the sections have 3 Talents (or 2 for the last column in each section), and the player can only choose one from each column, which the player can unlock and upgrade for Talent Points. Good quests for grinding are the following: If you’re a starting player, you may use the low/medium difficulty 1h missions so you can still receive like +200 souls per day, ideal to buy one Gold Pack per day to build up your roster. A Game Mode in which is the only method to obtain Shao Kahn/Konqueror. 4 Gold Characters * 150 Souls each (minimum value of Gold Pack) = 600 Souls. X-Rays and Fatalities have also made a return to the game but with a twist. The reward from completing all the towers is one card copy of the Challenge Character depicted in the challenge itself. All battles are timed and with each five battles, the time to complete a fight is reduced, being the shorter time equal to 60 seconds in the three last battles of the last tower. After the minigame, the player will receive a certain amount of Koins, though in Relic Hunt, you will get Spirit Fragments. In Progress: New Update 2.0 Diamond Packs, Character STATS Uncommon: Kuai Liang’s Bracers, Ice Bomb and Frozen Mummy. A team made fully of Triborg is also a good idea, since they have a great synergy between all of them and the fact that Triborg/Smoke and Triborg/Sub Zero (LK-520) distribute their power draining and freezing to all their partners makes them ideal for latter battles. After smashing the Relic you will get 5 Spirit Fragments. With diamond tier cards, the %age of effects triggered in the passive ability can be increased to the maximum by upgrading the passive by 2 levels. Prior to the release of Sonya Blade/Kold War, challenges are not unique with special boss characters and special modifiers and are instead, the challenge character fighting alone with two regular modifiers. Each time a milestone is reached (i.e. After that, the bosses come in pairs, following the same order except the silver Sub-Zero, and finally the bosses come in trios, being the very last battle all three diamond Sub-Zeroes (Sub-Zero/Circle of Shadows, Sub-Zero/Kold War, Sub-Zero/MK11) with all their stats and LKT gear maxed out. -- Jacqui Briggs/Cybernetic: She takes less damage against Outworld or Netherrealm. Shinnok/Bone Shaper + Datusha. It adds to equipment pieces named after Sub Zero’s real name: Kuai Liang’s Bracers and Kuai Liang’s Scepter. Collecting enough of them will cause a secret green tower to appear which has the “?” sign and holds a secret boss fight with Reptile/Klassic in the exclusive Pit arena. There previously was a bug where after completing Tower 1 on MK11 Jade's Trial, the wait time for the next tower [for most players] was over 5000 days. In other words, along this mode were introduced equipment pieces which can be obtained only by playing the Tower of Horror, and their effects are almost useless outside it. It is also useless to use power drain attacks on Raiden, as he will be unaffected by such an effect. As of the 3.0 Halloween update the Tower of Terror has returned. The first-ever MK11 Diamond Card introduced in Update 2.0. You can see how many days are left by tapping the moon at the right of the map. Total cost of all refreshes for 1 tower completion (7 days and 8 Hours) = 300 Souls/day * 7 days + 100 Souls for the extra 8 hours = 2200 Souls. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. One of the rarest cards, obtainable only via Relic Hunt. Epic: Hellfire Blade, Living Dead, Reaper's End and Wailing Spirit. Lots of Koin rewards and Upgrade cards. The 1h ones at high/very high difficulty yield 9 souls each, and doing them all day long will yield ~432 souls/day [(9x3)x16 repeats] and adding the 8h quests at night, will give ~45 souls more, being 477 souls/day.