She takes a lot of pleasure in it. This is the role for me. KELLEY: Yes, that’s a really good way of putting it. The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. NATHALIE KELLEY: I’m surprised at how much fun I’m having, playing this supremely evil person. Guest Starring 'The Vampire Diaries' Nathalie Kelley talking about joining the CW show in its final season, getting the chance to play evil, and Sybil's possible downfall. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nathalie Kelley gave us all the goss from 'Dynasty', 'Vampire Diaries' and 'UnReal', including the kicker: never sleep with your co-stars on set. The "Miss Latin America competition" also earned her a much-needed $1,000, before she took a year off and went to Brazil. There’s definitely a lot more evil to come from her, as the season continues. The following month, Kelley appeared as the protagonist in the low-budget horror film Urban Explorer, which follows a group of four urban explorers who explore an underground world beneath metropolitan Berlin. Job That’s her motivation right now. Nathalie Kelleyis a Peruvian-Australian actress who portrays Sybil in the eighth and final season ofThe Vampire Diaries. Ian was like, “Oh, wow, this is really going to mess with the fans!” But it was not until I saw it all together and the episode came out that it really hit me, the gravity of what Sybil had done. How do you feel about Sybil? While Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Alaric (Matt Davis) team up to uncover the origins of the mysterious force they’re up against, they must also decide when the actions of Damon and Enzo will pass the point of no return. I like her show really goes after what she wants. It’s a new and interesting experience. Nathalie Kelley is a Peruvian-Australian actress who portrays Sybil in the eighth and final season of The Vampire Diaries. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Nathalie Kelley is a Peruvian–Australian actress known for her role as Neela in the 2006 action film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and for her roles in various television series including Body of Proof (2011–2012), Unreal (2015), The Vampire Diaries (2016–2017) and Dynasty (2017–2018). She’ll go to extreme lengths to punish the people who don’t do what she wants. KELLEY: I can’t really speak to her master plan. We’ve seen that Sybil is not as infallible as she likes to make people think she is. Name At this point, she’s really just enjoying being out and not being a creature in a pool of blood. Sybil Do we have any idea what she’s really up to? Status In 2020, she debuted in the lead role of Noa Hamilton in the ABC series The Baker and the Beauty - Screenrant, In 2014, she won a regular role in the Lifetime series UnREAL. What’s it like to join a show like this, where it’s the eighth and final season and you’re coming in to really shake things up? KELLEY: I knew that by going into Damon’s memories and replacing Elena, that would really mess with the fans. She talks about what she was like, before becoming a Siren, and her tragic childhood and the things that happened that led her to being the evil being that she is today. I’ve never done a character like this. KELLEY: For an immortal, she’s really petty and she holds grudges. Especially knowing that this is the final season of the show, when you started to think about this character, who she is and what she would mean not just to the characters but to the fans of the show, what were you most worried about and what were you most excited about? Played I don’t know how people are going to react. Is that a fair assessment? It had to be the evil to end all evils, and I guess I pulled it off. Is it about finding the balance between how much humanity and how much depravity you should inject her with? The Vampire Diaries airs on Friday nights on The CW. KELLEY: I hope so! There’s not repentance, in any way. The film was shot in Los Angeles in 2007 but its release was delayed by Universal Pictures for unknown reasons. Nathalie Kelley In March 2011, Kelley had a small role in the retro comedy film Take Me Home Tonight, which starred Topher Grace, Anna Faris and fellow Australian Teresa Palmer. Like on any show, people are a family. Aside from the writers, the actor playing the character knows them the best. She’s very old, so she has to come up with increasingly sicker games to interest her. Will we start to learn more about what her weaknesses are, or where her downfall might come from? What was your first day on set like? I knew they were all really tight knit and they definitely have a lot of history. KELLEY: I’ve actually been auditioning for the show for awhile. She is also a member of the Critics Choice Association and the Television Critics Association. Julie [Plec] had known me for a couple of years, and this was just the perfect fit. For what reason? She moved to Sydney when she was 2 years old. Collider: It’s been so fun to watch you be the Queen of evil this season! Is this what they want?” And then, I started to really settle into it. Everyone was really warm in welcoming me. Kelley has since appeared on both Lone Star and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. I guess worried was one thing that I felt, but I was also excited about that. Lima, Peru How do you approach playing a character like this? I went through the regular audition process, but Julie knew what she wanted. She also seems to not want to be having to work as hard as she’s had to work with them. I don’t know where I’m getting all this evil from, but it comes through. None of the other roles before this were the right fit and nothing really worked. On The CW series The Vampire Diaries, currently in its final season, everyone is still fighting for Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Enzo’s (Michael Malarkey) souls while Sybil (Nathalie Kelley), the Siren controlling them, is exploring new and more sadistic ways to make them all regret that. KELLEY: You’re already seeing elements of it with the tuning fork, and yes, that does become a big part of the storyline. KELLEY: I like how unrelentingly bad she is. But just because she reveals all this stuff about her past, it does not mean she is trying to stop being evil. Season When she was 16 she became a salsa dancer, which helped her get the money to finish her education. The pilot was not picked up as a result of The WB and UPN merging into The CW; the resulting network passed on the show. I’ve never joined a show in its eighth season. KELLEY: No. In August 2011, Kelley signed on in a major recurring role in the second season of the ABC crime drama television series Body of Proof. There have been some pretty strong emotions about my character flying around. She’s gonna enjoy this evil thing. She’s really committed to this evil thing. Did you just go through an audition process for the role? She likes controlling people and watching them suffer. Will we start to feel some sympathy for Sybil, or are we still just going to mostly hate her? You’ve gotta do something, if you’re immortal. I’m like, “Does she feel bad for this person, at all, in this scene?” They go, “No!” And I’m like, “Okay, just checking!” This is a cool episode coming up because, of all the episodes, it’s the one where you really see her humanity the most, literally. They’re her toys, and nobody is going to take them from her without her giving them a fight. She’s enjoying going out and wearing nice clothes and making people do her evil bidding. Do you think there’s any situation where she would willingly let go of Damon or Enzo, or both of them, or is it too much about control for her? She’s not an evolved person, despite being alive centuries. You’ll learn that a lot of these circumstances were forced on her, but she makes the best of them. Behind every evil person is some really awful, dark wound in their past, and she definitely has more than a few. Because she really is the Queen mean girl of all mean girls, how intimidating is it to play the embodiment of evil? Birthplace You’ll learn more about that, down the line. KELLEY: When you work on a character for the first time, you’re like, “Is this going to be evil enough? Without giving anything away, what can you say about what Sybil’s true motivations and goals are, and are we going to learn about them anytime soon? She’s sadistic. She would never! The film made over $158 million worldwide. Nathalie Kelley was born in Lima, Peru, to a Peruvian mother and an Argentine father. It’s been amazing! Be aware that there are some spoilers discussed. It seems like a lot of her anger stems from jealousy, whether it’s directed at Bonnie for Enzo or Elena for Damon. It would never even occur to her. In 2012, Kelley played a vampire princess in the video clip "Luna Llena" from Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Baby Rasta & Gringo. KELLEY: I was nervous, at first. If she does not get everything really quickly, she takes it really personally. You’ve gotta have a passion, and hers is making people suffer.