This resource includes a historical passage and seven multiple choice questions. Info. Patricia Denning stars in a sad movie about ambition and heartbreak. ! By the time I'm 60, I _____ (lose) all my hair. Dec 26, 2017 - This is a reading comprehension about life in the future. Updated: Oct 10, 2014. My laerners are asked to read the text and to do some activities related to it.The last one is to write a paragraph in which they write about thier future plans . Reading Comprehension Perfect and future tenses. Preview. Author: Created by sarahmumof3. Next step is writing a composition. When Cecilia leaves college in Texas, she has everything: a wonderful boyfriend, Carl, an interesting job and an expensive house in a pretty town. Reading past and future task sheet for students. I won't be able to talk to you in 15 minutes because I _____ (do) my homework. docx, 199 KB. Segundo Medio reading (future tense) - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. This resource includes a historical passage and seven multiple choice … Black Hollywood - Reading Comprehension Multiple Choice. @Get Started #Preview Shop for Low Price Reading Comprehension Multiple Choice Test Strategies And English Tenses Multiple Choice Test . topic: FUTURE TENSES 1 | level: Advanced Fill in each blank space with the correct future verb tense (simple future, future continuous, or future perfect): 1. Created: Jun 3, 2012. Future tenses worksheets and online activities. ... Future tenses multiple choice test Grade/level: 4º ESO by Teacherisabelflores: Will - going to Project 4 - listening activites ... Reading comprehension - Future tense Grade/level: 6th by chechudlc: Future progressive Grade/level: primaria Login to . Reading comprehension: Mixed Tenses. About this resource. Sts have to read and complete the text with different tenses, present simple, continuous, present perfect, future, answer questions about the … will have lost will lose will be losing 2. ... Reading comprehension past and future. This is a reading comprehension text.I used it as a test after teaching future plans,conditional type 1 and time conjunctions. will do Students have to answer some questions. 4.5 14 customer reviews. The Future of Polar Bears Reading Comprehension. I hope you find it useful!