It has an outstanding contrast ratio and excellent black uniformity, making it a great choice for watching movies in dark rooms. There are ads and there aren't any ways to disable or opt-out of them. With AirPlay 2 built in, you can stream or share content from Apple devices to the big screen. If you're sitting directly in front of the TV, then the Samsung is a better choice. Note that some tests such as gray uniformity may vary between units. We tested the 55 inch Samsung NU6900 (55NU6900) TV. When you tap the TV with your smartphone, the TV senses the tap and mirrors the smartphone automatically. Pantalla Samsung 43 Pulgadas UHD TU6900 Series a precio de socio. Explore 2020 TU6900 43" Smart TV with Crystal Display and Crystal Processor 4K. Financing program is not available with device purchasing, ※ Cover for 24 months. Calcular cuándo llega. Email a question and we’ll get back to you. The Samsung NU6900 is alright for watching movies. On the upside, the input lag is low, making it decent for gaming. You can't use the BFI feature in 'Game' mode, but you can make it flicker at 120Hz if you set the Backlight at '24' or below. The Samsung NU6900 is mediocre for watching HDR movies. So it's quick and easy to switch to the TV and continue enjoying your favourite content. When a product is discontinued or no longer popular, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal, Canada. SKU: TV043SAM23. ***Subject to device compatibility. Was $279.99. Get an upfront discount on the price of your new Samsung device. Lower resolution 480p content like DVDs is upscaled well, with no obvious artifacts or quality issues. This helps you reduce your clutter so you can fully enjoy your TV’s beautiful design. You can even tap into your office PC to access files or work on documents using Microsoft Office 365—all from the comfort of your couch. If someone comes across a different type of panel or if their Samsung NU6900 doesn't correspond to our review, let us know and we'll update the review. User rating, 4.6 out of 5 stars with 4984 reviews. This TV can interpolate 30fps content up to 60fps. This TV has excellent black uniformity, but this may vary between units. * This service only works when TV and mobile are on. Get alert when this item is back in stock and available to buy, by adding your email to opt into alerts. Tiene un control remoto que te permite controlar tu contenido de forma sencilla. ** Availability of the feature and Graphic User Interface (GUI) may vary by region. The NU6900 has better contrast and peak brightness, and its out-of-the-box color accuracy is significantly better. The Samsung NU7100 has better input lag that is important if you play video games, or, specifically, HDR video games. High-Dynamic Range lets you enjoy an immense spectrum of colours and visual details, even in dark scenes. The stand is plastic and supports the TV well. The LG uses a less-accurate RGBW pixel structure, which isn't great for use as a PC monitor. Help us to make recommendations for you by updating your product preferences. Ver los medios de pago. The Vizio M Series 2018 is also more suitable for a bright room as it has better reflection handling and can get much brighter, and has a faster response time making it better for watching fast action such as sports or playing video games. Precio especial GTQ2,699.00 Precio habitual GTQ3,049.00. Also, the low input lag makes the NU7100 a slightly better choice for use as a PC monitor. The HDR peak brightness is disappointing. Popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon Prime Video are already installed, and you can download almost any other app that you need. Overall, the Samsung NU6900 is marginally better than the Toshiba Fire TV 2020. Finally, the Samsung NU8000 is a better choice for use as a PC monitor. Are you sure to remove this product? See our recommendations for the best cheap TVs and the best TVs under $300. For the most part, we expect our review to be valid for the 43 inch (UN43NU6900), 65 inch (UN65NU6900), 70 inch (UN70NU6900), and the 75 inch (UN75NU6900) models as well. The LG UK6570 is a bit better than the Samsung NU6900 unless dark room performance is important. However, there's a button for upscaling options when lower-resolution content is being played. Gamma doesn't follow the target curve all that well and most scenes are brighter than they should be. Furthermore, it doesn't have a wide color gamut and can't get very bright to make highlights pop and deliver HDR content as the director intended. The TCL also has a full array local dimming feature, which helps improve dark room performance, although it isn't very effective. It's fairly thin and shouldn't stick out much when wall-mounted. {{}}, Was Price{{}} The Samsung NU6900 has a motion interpolation feature to improve motion. Stock disponible. The Samsung NU6900 is an alright entry-level 4k TV. Due to the TV's slow response time, lower-frame rate content doesn't appear to stutter much. Unfortunately, it doesn't have support for any variable refresh rate technology to improve the gaming experience further. This TV uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to dims its backlight. However, the Samsung has much better out-of-the-box color accuracy, it has a much better contrast ratio, and it has better uniformity. It has an outstanding contrast ratio that makes blacks appear deep when viewed in a dark room. Easily find your favourite content, all in one place. It's easy to navigate but the interface isn't smooth and doesn't react to your commands immediately. The overall build quality is okay. The Samsung UN55NU6900 has an unremarkable response time, resulting in some motion blur with fast-moving content. Colores y detalles diseñados para ti Expresión de colores vivos y nítidos Potente calidad de imagen. Minimum hassle, maximum enjoyment. Model: UN43NU6900FXZA SKU: 6268402. The NU6900 can deliver deep blacks in a dark room thanks to its high native contrast ratio, whereas the UM7300 is a better choice if your room has a wide seating arrangement. * Screen sharing (mirroring) is only supported for Windows 10. The NU6900 has a VA panel and is better suited for a dark room with no side seating. Vendido por. It also has an outstanding contrast ratio and excellent black uniformity. $296.99. * Remote connection to a PC running on Windows is only supported for Windows 7 or later and the operating system must be a Professional or higher edition. There's some banding noticeable in the darker shades, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem with real content. It has decent reflection handling, but it doesn't get bright enough to combat glare in well-lit rooms. Color temperature is slightly colder than our 6500K target, giving the image a blueish tint. Ich habe das Informationsblatt zur Versicherung heruntergeladen und sorgfältig durchgelesen. Now you get innovative smartphone with right tariff plan. Even professionals will have a hard time finding the color inaccuracies post-calibration, and it's nearly impossible to see any gray inaccuracies as well. Although it's fairly consistent across most input windows, it's just not bright enough to deliver the director's intent. ****Some apps may require subscription or pay-per-view fees to access content. The Samsung NU6900's contrast ratio is outstanding, which is expected from a VA panel. * Samsung is ranked No.1 TV brand for 14 years* Source – Omdia, Jan-2020. Shop Samsung 43" Class LED NU6900 Series 2160p Smart 4K UHD TV with HDR at Best Buy. It doesn't get bright enough to combat glare, but it has decent reflection handling. The Vizio is quite a bit better with motion handling overall, but the Samsung has better built-in speakers. The Samsung NU6900 is okay for HDR gaming.