Sharon Kinne We found 15 records for Sharon Kinne in California, Michigan and 9 other states. By this age, she was an attractive housewife with two children, Danna and Troy. Sharon and her husband Sharon Kinne chose to be a murderess. It's well-researched and as a result, a treasure trove of Before she was 25, she married a repulsive old … Sharon Lynn Johnson La Salle, MI • Flat Rock A housewife, she turned cold-blooded killer. Sharon Kinne Real Name: Sharon Elizabeth Kinne Aliases: La Pistolera, Elizabeth Sharon Kinne, Jannette Puglishe Wanted For: Murder, Escape Missing Since: December 7, 1969 Case Details: On March 19, 1960, twenty-year-old Sharon Kinne called the police in Independence, Missouri to report the death of her twenty-five-year-old husband, James. Select the best result to find their address, phone number, relatives, and public records. Sharon Kinne - La Pistolera, the gunfighter killed at least 3 victims between 1960 and 1964. In 1969 she escaped from a Mexican prison and disappeared without a trace. by J. J. Maloney I n 1960 Sharon Kinne was an attractive 20-year-old Jackson County, Mo., housewife with two children, and was having an affair with John Boldizs, a friend from high-school. James Hays on Sharon Kinne and other writings Monday, July 4, 2011 Murder at the V.A. James Kinne, husband of Sharon; Sharon Kinne Sharon lived in Jackson County, Missouri in 1960, when she was 20. Father 27 is a murder mystery written by James C. Hays. Sharon Kinne She was one of the most remarkable criminals in U.S. history. Sharon Kinne committed two murders in 1960, shooting her husband James Kinne as well as Patricia Jones, wife of her lover. By the age of 21, Sharon had murdered her husband and brutally slaughtered her boyfriend's wife. Books and Movies about Sharon Kinne In 1997, author James C. Hays published a book titled I'm Just An Ordinary Girl: the Sharon Kinne Story about this enigmatic woman. Sharon Kinne (Sharon Elizabeth Kinne) (born Sharon Elizabeth Hall) an American serial killer known as La Pistolera (the - Killer