WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in most regions of the world with over 1.3 billion monthly active users. 0 comment. This app also includes Christmas stickers, couples stickers, hug stickers, Thank you stickers, sorry stickers, anniversary stickers and many more. Add Stickers Learn More. Your designs usually consist of photos, images, illustrations, patterns, and text badges. WhatsApp has been rolling out a few useful features this past year and now WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature which is called WhatsApp stickers. If you want to add back the stickers to your WhatsApp account, you can download the bundle again, either from WhatsApp itself or from a third-party app. We’ll take a look at all the Best Sticker apps for WhatsApp and what it has to offer? WhatsApp doesn’t have an incredible selection of emojis by default, so you need to go out and find dedicated sticker packs which can add hundreds of emojis and images to your WhatsApp sticker collection. StickerMaker for WhatsApp. A partir de ahora, cada vez que entres en WhatsApp, entre el icono de los emojis y el de los stickers, verás uno nuevo, el símbolo de Bitmoji. 1. Number of Stickers: 0, unlimited Category: All. Let’s get started. These were some of the apps which you can use to create your own stickers and add them to WhatsApp.These apps do a pretty good job of creating custom stickers instantly. The application was acquired by Facebook for a whopping $19 Billion in 2014. WhatsApp has recently added the Stickers feature allowing its users to send different stickers while chatting just like other instant messaging apps. So if you want to get such an effect, add some elements from the Crello collection. The sticker feature in the chat application is an existing innovation first in the LINE application. Kaushal. Thanks to stickers your images are going to become multi-level. Facebook Twitter Google + Pinterest. In the beginning, only one sticker pack comes pre-installed with the update. The number of apps to install stickers on WhatsApp is overwhelming and confusing at first. How do you use this app? Download this app now and show your emotions with these whatsapp stickers. Click "Delete" to remove them from your WhatsApp account. Use stickers to create adorable designs. Go back to your sticker panel and you should not see that bundle again. Just click any sticker to have it on the artboard. This app includes more than 30 interesting love stickers, new year stickers, good morning stickers, happy birthday stickers, good night stickers, and many type of meme stickers. WhatsApp stickers are a great way of zazzing up your chats, adding plenty of color and quips and cartoon faces to your conversations. In the latest update version 2.18, users can now see a new option in the emoji section of the app called Stickers. Tell us in the comments . Create your Own WhatsApp Sticker. 0. You can create your own emoji faces or something else entirely. Works as … WhatsApp allows users to create their own stickers such as using personal photos or cartoons.