However, a vision of Mickey telling him to get up gave Rocky the strength to win the street fight. Pero sobre todo, es un personaje bastante carismático, capaz de convencer a cualquiera, y debido a ello explota su imagen pública a través de su carisma. In the seventh installment, it has been revealed that Creed had an affair sometime before his death, and from that, Adonis "Donnie" Johnson Creed was born. Duke refuses to work with Donnie to ensure his safety. Come on, Creed." When Creed walks away, stunned at this rude display from the belligerent challenger, Lang laughs at him and calls him a "chicken." Apollo Creed first appears in the 1976 Oscar-winning film Rocky as the charismatic, intelligent, and undefeated 33-year-old World Heavyweight Champion. En el segundo asalto, Drago termina con su vida al darle un brutal puñetazo derecho en la sien que lo noquea mortalmente. Carl Weathers (born January 14, 1948) is an American actor who portrayed Apollo Creed in the films Rocky, Rocky II, III and IV. There was a poster of Apollo and Rocky during the events of Rocky II in Rocky Jr's bedroom before the Balboas went bankrupt. After getting his mind straight, Donnie makes a pact with Rocky that they would both fight their respective battles together. However, Green hurts his left hand in training and the other top ranked contenders, such as Ernie Roman, Buddy Shaw (ranked fifth), are either busy or don't believe that they can get into shape in time. In 1998, after Adonis' biological mother's death in the late '90s, Apollo's widow, Mary Anne (Phylicia Rashad), adopts him. Michael Wilbon of Pardon the Interruption describes Creed as "maybe the best of all time; in the discussion". This was the first time anyone had ever taken the champion the full 15 rounds. Apollo cambiará los métodos de entrenamiento de Rocky, trasladándose a los suburbios de Los Ángeles, dónde Apollo comenzó su prometedora carrera como boxeador. Creed gains a controversial split decision victory, and neither fighter wants a rematch, at least at that moment. Rocky happily accepts the challenge. [13] Rocky has trouble concentrating during his training, suffering from guilt over Mickey's demise and self-doubt. [3] In terms of weaknesses, his only major drawback appears to be his deep sense of pride and strong self-confidence, which allows Rocky to get an edge over him in the ring by surprising Creed in their first encounter.[8]. While down, Donnie sees visions of his relationship with his girlfriend, Rocky's ailing composure, and finally, a scene of his father in his prime – motivating Donnie to return to his feet (and baffling Conlan and the audience). era necesario ! Se trata de un boxeador dominado por sus sentimientos y pasiones, que demuestra a lo largo de sus apariciones, tiene una gran autoestima, pero en ocasiones, esta se vuelve orgullo, y le llevan a la perdición. Leading up to the fight, Rocky has been diagnosed with cancer, which greatly impacts Donnie's behavior, including being incarcerated for the night after a brawl at a club. En el combate, Rocky acaba noqueando a Clubber Lang tras optar por cansarle a lo largo de los asaltos que dura este y, en contraprestación, Apollo le pide un único favor: un combate en un gimnasio a puerta cerrada entre él y Balboa para dirimir quién era realmente el mejor. Donnie, to his mother's dismay, moves to Philadelphia to seek out Rocky. Following the match, in which Lang wins by a brutal second-round knockout, Balboa's beloved manager Mickey dies in the locker room. El combate se desarrolla de una manera muy parecida al combate anterior, pero Balboa ha mejorado notablemente su derecha y su técnica en el ring, mientras que Apollo ya no subestima a su contrincante.